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Review of 'Mad Crusher, The'

Rating:2 User: YOR

From the screenshot alone I thought "hmm is this going to be like Pippo I wonder?" I mean they're both the same year so it was feasible, but while they do look similar their gameplays are entirely different. For in Pippo you had to colour in the squares, here you have to avoid the red squares as well as the Mad Crusher and collect the moneybags which you have to return to you base. Jesus this was bloody hard, you really need to work out the order that the colours change in order to time your moves correctly, but even then the Mad Crusher is lurking on you and he is a bugger, and also moving your man is a bugger too. No this wasn't good, the author Peter Cooke also wrote 20 Tons, a BASIC looking Boulder Dash clone and that's a better game than this.