Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Espionage'

Rating:1 User: YOR

It's pretty much played like a board game with counters and with a bit of a draughts element to it, and it gets bland and confusing very quickly. I just gave up midway through and had the computer hint me the moves and I copied what they suggested, otherwise I was just a rabbit lost in the headlights. That was until it told me to move a counter to a particular square, but when I went to do it I could not move to that square, and that was the end of that. But the biggest challenge is not even within the gameplay, nope, the biggest challenge was getting into the game full stop. For you are greeted with a password protection scheme in which you have to locate the word within the page, paragraph and sentence to find the word it wants, and this took me forever to work out until I finally managed, and when I did I just created a z80 file and put it on the zip folder and now I will never go through that turmoil and again. And yet I feel it was a waste of time and effort as the game itself is largely uinderwhelming and thus I will likely never go through it ever again. But if you are interested in it, get past the password screen bollocks and then create a savestate at the controls menu and never look back, in fact I want to now submit my z80 file to Spectrum Computing so that no-one suffers what I suffered because frankly no-one deserves such carnage, Oh and I never bothered to sit through to the end either and just resetted my emulator after I finished typing this up because it's not good, in fact it's pretty shite. Which means by default I win and that pleases me.