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Review of 'Down to Earth'

Rating:2 User: YOR

It's Boulder Dash and as the story goes with Boulder Dash clones it usually doesn't take long for me to prefer playing Boulder Dash, or it is a game I never got on with? Not entirely sure. I do like its look but I did not enjoy its gameplay so much, The goal here is to eliminate all the enemies on the screen to clear a level, and call me old fashioned but I much prefer my Boulder Dash games to be played when you collected items such as diamonds, rubies and if we're lucky enough money, because fuel prices and all that jazz. The addition of bombs are nice on paper but again it didn't work out as I'd hoped as first he wouldn't drop the bombs and then when he eventually did he blew himself up, typical. Simply put, there are better Boulder Dash clones than this, heck there's a better clone you got free in a covertape.