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Review of 'Black Star'

Rating:4 User: YOR

I'm slightly cheating with the next review as it's one I've handpicked myself rather than given to me at random. This too was an entrant in the bitbitjam#2 2015 contest where it finished 2nd behind Anima. And looking at all the entries listed, from the screenshots alone I figured it was between Anima and Black Star for the top prize and wondered if this came in 2nd, and I wasn't wrong. And because of this I hoped that this would be just as good as Anima, and I wasn't wrong. It's basically a version of Space Invaders, shoot all the enemies on screen to clear a wave and a new one begins, simple as that and again it's effective and it works. However, I can easily see how Anima won and not this, because Anima offered more gameplay and this doesn't offer all that much. Also, my minor complaint with Anima was its choice of colour on some of the screens, and here my minor complaint again is the choice of colour on its only screen, or more so the lack of colour. Everything is white with a black background, which includes you, the enemies, the bullets and the moon on the bottom corner of the screen. I found my ship camouflaging with the moon on more than one occasion and that combined with the enemy bullets became a nuisance very quickly. Also there was a minor issue with collision detection in that the bullets would go through one enemy and hit the enemy above it, which is probably due to the way their movement routines worked. It is a good game and one I would have happily paid £2.99 or £3.99 back in the day, but if I was judging on either this or Anima in the bitbitjam contest myself, then Anima wins by a neck by simply offering more of a game, but this too is a nice little game to check out.