Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Anima'

Rating:4 User: YOR

More recent Spectrum titles are not normally to my liking, I say more recent this one's already seven years old but anything after 2018 can't be reviewed because this site's database is outdated likely forever, so there that's my excuse for calling this more recent anyway. But that's besides the point, the point is for the most part I cannot get on with them, but then there are good exceptions to those expectations and this is pretty darn good exception. This is really good as a matter of fact, it's look and style reminds me of a Shaw Brothers game which I'm sure wasn't the intention given it's a Spanish developed game but I for one recognise these similarities in the very least. Simple graphics, simple gameplay, you travel across the level shooting various enemies and collect angels for extra lives. It's very simplistic and yet it's very effective and works wonders. The one complaint I have is some of the colour choices, like I get why they are the way they are but it just made this a bit too hard to see for my liking, but it is only merely a minor complaint, apart from that, this rules and I like it a lot. But the saddest thing of all is, it is the only game from the authors, they haven't done another game since and that's a shame because I for one would have really looked forward to see what else they could produce. But as it is, this is their one and only title and it is a good 'un in more ways than one, for this was written for the bitbitjam#2 2015 competition, and it won, and I approve of this.