Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Here and There with the Mr. Men'

Rating:1 User: YOR

It's Mr. Men again. This time we have four games on one side, and the game select screen has a square alternating on each one and tells you to press any key rather than press 1-4, so you can essentially pick the wrong game. Anyway first up is Mr. Tickle's Jigsaw puzzle and already the game looks very primitive compared to the last one. Here we have four sides each containing a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, you have to move the platforms so that the gap matches the position of the yellow piece. Next is Mr. Tickle and Mr. Grumpy, which plays the same as the previous game except you have to level the platform to Mr. Grumpy, type DR meaning Down and Right and Mr. Tickle than gives Mr. Grumpy a tickle, every, single, time, what word did I use? Primitive? Yes that'll be it. Next is Mr. Lazy where you control a worm that has to knock an apple off the tree and hit Mr. Lazy to wake him up, except moving the worm is an absolute bastard! To do so you have to use commands such as m to move, l for left and r for right, but rather than tell him to keep moving left you have to keep telling him to move, and so a typical puzzle looks something like mrmmmrm, why? And this is aimed at 4-8 year olds?! Anyway the final game is Mr. Men versus Mr. Tickle, which is like chess and the goal is for the four of you to trap the one of him. How can I describe this? Oh yes, primitive. And I've been resetting the Spectrum and reloading the game where it turns out from the instructions that Caps Shift and Z returns you to the menu, wish I discovered that sooner. This is far worse than First Steps with the Mr. Men, so much so that I am now tempting to go back and give that a 3 rating. It seems harsh to give this a 1 for what it is but comparing this to the other Mr. Men game this is appalling. The games are primitive, bad and in Mr. Lazy's case they make no sense. The jigsaw game is a drag, the tickle game has no challenge and therefore the last game is the best game as it has a challenge to it. Would a child be entertained by this back then? Don't know and frankly I don't care.