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Review of 'First Steps with the Mr. Men'

Rating:2 User: YOR

Well, never thought I'd be coming across this one but here we are. This is from Mirrorsoft who also done that Know Your Personality bollocks I did a while back and who seem to have a number of educational games under their belt, including this and another Mr. Men game from the same developer that I'll cover next. This has two sides and two games on each. Side 1 has Mr. Greedy's Ice Cream Hunt, which sees Mr. Greedy navigate through a maze to reach the ice cream that looks more like a bucket, like did the ice cream really have to be the same colour as the background? Anyway, you can't lose as if you hit a wall nothing happens. There's only five levels and then you repeat the same mazes again with the only difference being the location of the bucket, er I mean Ice Cream. The second game on Side 1 is Mr Silly's Hat Games where you have to pick the right hat he requests and he wears them over each other and becomes some crazed balancing act. Again you can't lose as you can't even pick a wrong hat and the fire option only works if you select the right hat. Onto side 2 now with two games featuring Mr. Forgetful, how he has two games in this thing I have no idea. First up is his Wardrobe Game which is basically a matching pairs game that featuring shoes, match a shoe from the top row and the bottom row and six matches wins. In this one you CAN get a wrong answer but there's no punishment which again means you can't lose. And finally we have Mr. Forgetful again, for some reason, and his Letter Game, and it's exactly the same as his Wardrobe Game except the shoes are now letters, and so that will be why he has two games in this, the lazy bastards. Well the Wardrobe was the best game on this thing as it is at least a game that can provide a challenge and then the letter game came and ruined it all. The Ice Cream game is basically a maze and the Hat game isn't much of a game as you can't even pick the wrong hat. All in all, good for about a minute and then it's time for something else mummy.