Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Higgledy Piggledy'

Rating:5 User: szeliga

Higgledy Piggledy was the first game I bought when I returned to the Spectrum scene a few years ago. I found it on the Cronosoft site and duly placed my order and waited excitedly for the cassette to arrive in the post!

Upon loading, I couldn't believe my eyes. The colour-clash problems I was expecting failed to materialise and there is smooth scrolling and impressive animation of sprites such as the tumbling effect applied to Earwig once he encounters a porcine friend. The pig's head life meter is an amusing touch - until it turns into a can of spam!

I personally took a while to figure out what it was that you are supposed to do, but that is half the fun! The first level is simple enough once you realise that you can pick up and drop blocks, and that the pigs you are herding take a ninety degree turn once they hit a block or wall. After the first few levels the difficulty gradually increases as you must plan more carefully the route(s) the herd will take to the teleport. Later levels raise the difficulty further as the miniature black hole randomly rearranges your hard work...

Sounds effects are limited but include sounds for when you are hit by a moving pig or when your pick up or drop blocks.

Overall though, well worth the money and highly recommended.